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For a beautiful face, you need a beautiful smile.For a beautiful smile, you need strong teeth. For strong teeth, follow these simple India Beauty Tips:

1. For strong teeth, brush your teeth twice a day. Brushing your teeth before going to sleep is must as when you sleep germs can harm your teeth and make them weak.

2. Always do a mouth wash, after eating anything. You can also keep a good Colgate mouth wash in your office drawer, so that you can rinse your mouth properly after every meal that you take in office.

3. You must eat fruits that are high in calcium content to keep your teeth strong.

4.  Change your tooth brush every month.  Choose a tooth brush that suits your teeth (soft, medium or hard).

5.  It is advised by Doctors that consuming cold drink immediately after a hot drink or hot drink immediately after a cold drink can harm tooth enamel, which is irreplaceable.  So protect it. 

6.  Chewing sugar cane will strengthen your teeth, but avoid it if you are diabetic.

7.  There are many tooth powders available in market, which make use of herbs.  Some of these are Dabur Red Powder, Vicco Vajradanti and one Black powder.

8.  In traditional Indian Homes, the shells of almonds and a number of other things are burnt and mixed with various salts (black, white, rock salt etc.) to make an excellent tooth powder with very little cost.

9.  Indians also traditionally use soft and thin branches of NEEM TREE to brush their teeth and keep them strong.

10.  There is an old Indian couplet also which says - त्रिफला त्रिकुटा तूतिया पांचों नमक पतंग, दांत वज्र हो जायेंगे माजूफल के संग.  But consult an Ayurvedic Doctor before trying this because method to prepare this tooth powder is typical.