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India beauty tips gives you simple tips to keep your feet beautiful and smooth.
1. You can put vaseline (petroleum jelly) on your feet while going to sleep with socks on. When you get up in the morning you will be happy to see that your feet are super smooth and beautiful.

2.  Lime juice can be applied.  Mix lime juice with double the quantity of glycerine and apply it on cracked heels.

3. You must never walk bare on the floor, as this may harm the skin of your heels and make it dry and cracked.

4. It is good to wear socks on your feet. Never wear shoes without socks, as you may sweat and then your shoes will stink. You can also apply talcum powder before wearing your socks, so that the sweat is absorbed and the feet do not spread a bad smell of sweat.

5. You can give yourself a good pedicure twice a month. As this will help your feet remain beautiful always. The steps for the pedicure are as follows..
-Remove the nail polish from your feet with the help of a cotton ball dipped in acetone remover(nail polish remover)
- If your nails have turned yellow, you can also apply lavender oil on your feet. You can also rub lemon on your nail to give them a whitish look.
- Soak your feet in warm water for 10 minutes. You can increase this time if your heals are severely cracked.
- Add  Shampoo, bath salts, aromatherapy oils to the warm water.
- Clip Toenails with the help of a nail cutter, and then give your nails a good shape with the help of a nail filer (don't use a metal filer,as this can chip your nails).Do not clip the sides of your nails as this can cause in grown. 
-Use finer file to smooth the edges of nails and use the coarser file to shorten the nails.
-Apply Cuticle remover on the base of nails to remove cuticles that is on top of the nails. Do not touch the skin under the  nails as you may get hurt.
-Use an exfoliator foot scrub to gently remove the dead skin from the feet and the heals as well. Use a pumice stone to remove the tough dead skin from the  cracked heals.
- Dry your feet with the help of a towel and then apply a foot cream, and massage it well in the feet. Apply a cuticle oil to rehydrate the cuticles. 
-Apply a base coat nail polish on the nails in a 3 stroke to cover the entire nails. Let it dry.
- Then apply a nail polish on your nails. wipe extra nail polish mistakenly applied on your cuticles with the help of a ear bud. Then let it dry.