Eyes define the beauty of you. In India, eyes have been given special importance and every effort has been mad to make the eyes look beautiful. Eyes help in defining your emotions. If you have under eye dark circles or under eye bags, then it will give your face a dull look, But don't worry as the herbal tips are explained below to help you give a beautiful look in a herbal way.

Every one at some situation may require their eyes to show off their emotions, like happiness, surprise, love, affection, etc. and not say a word form their mouth.

Some India beauty tips to help keep your eyes beautiful always:

-You can also use castor oil , olive oil, almond oil before going to sleep. these oils may help you in increasing the length and volume of the eye lashes. But don't apply these oils inside the  eye area.

-Remove eye makeup with Petroleum Jelly to remove makeup and keep your under eyes area soft. This is a cheap and good way to remove make up on the eyes.

-You can grate cucumber and place this on top of your eyes and just relax for around 20 to 30 minutes. This will prevent dark circles. Wash your eyes with warm water after this.

- You can also grate potato and place this on your eyes for around 20 to 30 minutes. This will help you get rid of Dark circles around the eyes. Wash your eyes with luke warm water after this.

-Before going to sleep, you can apply petroleum jelly on the area around your eyes to prevent wrinkles and dryness.
Caution: If petroleum jelly passes into your eyes, wash your eyes immediately with water, and Consult a Doctor immediately, if accidentally you have applied petroleum jelly into your eyes.

Many cosmetics are used to define your eyes beautifully:
  1. Cover dark circles with a concealer that suits your skin tone best. When you apply the concealer , remember that under eye area is very delicate and you should never rub it, or the tissues may break. Just gently pat the under eye area.
  2. learn how to Apply Eye Makeup Base : Eye makeup base is applied before you apply the eye shadow color. It prevents your shadow from setting in the folds and wrinkles around your eyes.This keeps your eye makeup to last longer. 
  3. Apply the eyeliner. the eyeliner has to be applied as close to the eyes as possible. if you want to give a smokey look, which is famous these days, then first apply a dark eyeshadow near the eyelashes with the help of a brush an on top of that apply an eyeliner, but this has to be very thin and that too start from the middle of the eyes and move out. Apply the same eye shadow color on the bottom eye lid that you have applied below the eye liner on top of the eye lid. enjoy smokey look of eyes...
  4. Apply eye shadow color.   You can use light, medium and dark shades to create a sensation.
  5. Use a highlighter use lightest eyeshadow into the inner corner of  eye. Use very little
  6. Highlight your brow bone.  You can use the same light eye shadow color and just dab it on your brow bone to highlight it
  7. Apply Mascara to your eye lashes.  mascara gives volume to thin eye lashes and define your eyes beautifully.